Timber Frame Home Builders

Timber Frame Home Builders

“Timber Frame” is a wonderful and inspirational process of building which has survived the test of time in several nations around the planet.

 Timber frame houses are handcrafted in a design that proudly shows its support construction as a combination of artwork and engineering. Posts join to beams by using tenons and oak pegs.

Lumber trusses support vaulted ceilings. Open wood knee braces give rigidity and practical attractiveness to the complete construction. 

Timber frame building starts with a well thought out layout, along with a group of drawings that express that layout certainly.

The layout and cutting of the timber framework components are done in a workshop environment.

Timber frame houses will satisfy modern energy saving standards. They efficiently match with structural insulated panels, which are known for their heat and rigidity. 

We, “[companyname]”, have built many timber frame homes in numerous regions across the state and certainly will work along with you to ensure that we create your ideal home environment by having a thorough grasp of the environment surrounding it. 

Each timber frame house we create is as unique as the family who will live within its walls. Let ““[companyname]” help you realize your dream of building a timber frame home.

Our services include:

  • Full House Packages
  • Timber Frame Great Rooms
  • Frame Only Packages
  • Porches
  • Structural and Non-structural Trusses
  • Interior and Exterior Timber Brackets and details

 Working with professionals in timber frame building with years of experience, customers possess the advantage of tapping into the wisdom and expertise of experienced framework contractors who understand the intricacies of timber frame house building.

 We contemplate your entire home from the site you have chosen to build, the design, the layout, the timber frame structure and the best construction solution for you. As such we help you to understand the total cost needed to build your custom timber frame home.

Our expertise in timber frame home building has helped people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles create a home that is the perfect fit for all settings and seasons. 

Whether you want to construct a one of a kind high-end custom post and beam house, or you are looking to select from our entire line of customizable, pre-designed timber frame houses, “[companyname]” supplies an unrivaled variety of lumber framework building alternatives to pick from.

We are dedicated to bringing pride, value and distinction to every project. We endeavor to ensure our clients’ long term joy and satisfaction in their remarkable homes. Contact us for more information at [phone]