Using color in interior design can seem like a daring experience. But even in small rooms the right wall color can make a big impression and give  an entire room a wonderful design.

In this post we want to give you some examples for room color done right! And who knows? Maybe you find inspiration and motivation to give your home a color makeover.

1. Red walls

Spaces - Lighting Design
Red walls are admittedly more tricky to get right in the design of a room. This office design works perfectly around a pinkish red shade.
Source: Home office by American Lighting Association as seen on Photo Credit: Corbett Lighting

2. Blue walls

A perfect example for a beautiful room with blue walls.

Source: House Beautiful: Library of designer Jeanette Whitson’s Nashville house /Photography by Simon Watson

/As seen in the article 37 Classic Library Design Ideas by House Beautiful


3. Yellow walls

This living room seems even more warm and inviting by the usage of  a light shade of yellow on the walls.

Source: Country Living  / Living room designed by Decorating Editor Page Mullins


4. Orange walls

2001 showcase
This is a great example for a room with orange walls that is not too overwhelming. The woden floor and white shades balance the powerful color out and accentuate it well.
Source: Traditional Family room by Witt Construction as seen on

5. Green walls

Parade of Homes 2012
This sophisticated living room is very elegant and put together. And the green wall color shows that even a traditional interior design layout can play with not so traditional wall color choices.
Source: Traditional living room by LGB Interiors as seen on

6. Black walls

Rocky Ledge LIbrary
We know that black is not really a color if you are being strict about definitions. But we think it is just so impressive and beautiful if done right, like in this living room, that you should not overlook its possibilities!
Source: Transitional living room / Rocky Ledge Library by LDa Architecture & Interiors/ Photo Credit: Sam Gray Photography, as seen on

7. Silver walls

Fulham townhouse
Silver walls make this living room shine.

8. Mint walls

Mint walls are another wonderful color choice. And this living room shows that mint is a color that works well with a wide range of different color schemes.

Source: Elle Decor / Tribeca One Bedroom Apartment of the designer Nicole Najafi

Photography by Kelly Stuart


9. Pink walls

The Everygirl

Alright, pink walls are not for everyone. But a toned down color version like in this living room might convince even doubters from the opposite.

Source: The Everygirl- Shabby-chic style family room by Cynthia Lynn Photography, as seen on

10. Purple walls

Purple and lilac are colors that make any room stand out like this dining room.

Source: Inspiration / The Paint Studio

We hope that these images gave you the inspiration needed to experiment with the wall colors in your home. If you do not want the full commitment, try an accent wall or using a colorful wallpaper in a limited area, instead. Always consider the overall room size, room layout and light situation of a room before you make a color commitment.

Happy home renovating!

(Photo Credit: Title picture / Featured Image:  Picture by RhondaK from Florida)